Shoulders: Are they moving?

When our shoulders are moving and grooving like they are supposed to, we don’t even think about them.   When they start to ache, get creaky or stiff, it's all we can think about.   

Prevention is my jam and if we can do a few things a week to keep our shoulders happy, let’s start there!  It's much easier to MAINTAIN for you….because then you don’t have to see ME! 

I like to tailor this specifically to my outdoor community, but it really applies to everyone in some way.  Here is your shout out though…..cyclists (that's you road bikers and MTB), boaters, rock climbers and yes….even runners… are your shoulder tips…

But first…. a very easy quick anatomy run down. I will even break it up in a couple of days for a simple read.     Understand this, and lots of keys are unlocked.  

The shoulder joint is an amazing unique joint.  It has the ability to move in multiple angles, needs to be very mobile and flexible, YET, also needs to hold a certain amount of stability to it.   It is able to do this by combining and moving with the shoulder blade which in turns moves synergistically with the mid back.   If one or two of these mechanics get "stuck" or not in rhythm with the others, instability can occur OR the opposite....poor movement of the entire shoulder complex leaving you with a "stuck" or "sticky" shoulder.   

Did you know in order for you to raise your arm 180 degrees over your head you need a stable low back?   Otherwise, your poor shoulder mobility may actually cause low back pain as you compensate and “over arch” your back. 

You also need great mid back (thoracic) movement.  A whopping 20 degrees of shoulder elevation comes from your ability to arch the middle of your back.   Stuck here?  Your shoulder will be too. 

Stay tuned for the next entry for important shoulder “rhythm” explained!

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