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Hear from current patients:

Charlotte Walters

Charlotte Walters is founder and owner of Mountain Wellness & Physical Therapy.  She offers extensive knowledge as a physical therapist in correcting joint mechanics, insightful and specific therapeutic exercise plans, and continuity of care throughout the healing process.  Charlotte is certified in various specializations such as dry needling through Integrative Dry Needling, ASTYM and joint mobilizations techniques.  She also holds a certification in functional nutrition for chronic pain and integrates physical therapy and nutrition, helping her clients heal faster, stay pain-free and return to the activities they love.  

Her journey to physical therapy started as a patient herself after an injury on the athletic field.  After feeling the shock of not being able to run or bike following injury, Charlotte fell in love with the idea of helping people get back to an active lifestyle.  Being able to return to trail running, hiking, or walking the dog, is not just for physical health, but is one of the key components to mental wellbeing.   

In her free time, Charlotte enjoys her home in the mountains of WNC.  She can be found running on the trail, on a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, blazing (carefully) down single track or hanging out with her family at the local brewery.

Alyssa Kieffer

Certified Athletic Trainer,
Wellness Director

Alyssa is a Kansas native and moved to the mountains of North Carolina in 2017 as a certified athletic trainer. She is passionate about helping others live holistically healthier lives through sport specific performance programs and rehab following injuries. She has dynamite taping skills to keep our clients moving through their injury stages.

In her free time, she can be found hiking, lifting weights, reading, or spending time with friends playing board games or watching movies.

Hannah Basolo

Physical Therapist

Hannah Basolo was born and raised in north central Ohio, moving to the mountains of North Carolina in 2019. She received her undergraduate degree in Health Science/Health Studies and Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of Findlay.

After spending her initial years treating patients in an acute care and a traditional outpatient setting, she joined the MTN Wellness team to serve her patients more individually and keep them in their favorite space - the outdoors!

Not only does Hannah love treating orthopedic injuries, she has also become inspired to seek advanced training in Women’s and Pelvic Health after having her first child. She loves working with women who are currently pregnant or those who are navigating the challenges of motherhood while returning to athletics following birth. Her goal is to improve the lives of women by changing the way women’s health is addressed in the healthcare system.

In her free time Hannah enjoys skiing, hiking, whitewater rafting, and running. She has been married since 2019 to her husband Averyl and together they have one son and two Australian Shepherds.

Amy Spivey

Physical Therapist

Amy is originally from Huntsville, AL where she first fell in love with movement and physical performance through dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Alabama, and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

Orthopedics, manual therapy, pelvic floor, and visceral manipulation quickly became her passion, as well as holistic nutrition and educating clients in how to utilize food to facilitate healing, decrease pain, and optimize performance.

In addition to practicing physical therapy for the past 16 years, she also spent many years teaching group fitness classes, including strength training, yoga, and barre, and incorporates these methods into her treatment with clients. Amy believes integrating physical movement, supportive nutrition, and nervous system regulation through healthy lifestyle habits and emotional/spiritual practices is the key to achieving optimal health and well-being.

Amy loves living in Black Mountain with her husband, 3 children, and dog, and enjoys hiking and biking around town with them in her free time.

Our Story

Mountain Wellness was born out of frustration with the current healthcare model, and a desire to give patients the time and attention they deserve. Giving patients 30 minutes for 8 visits just wasn’t working for both client and clinician. This model was mentally taxing as it took time and energy away from serving each patient as an individual. It also was the making of a burnt-out physical therapist. Something needed to change, and Mountain Wellness was the answer. We started serving patients at a higher level and found we had the quality time needed for both personal, mental and physical health.

Mountain Wellness bridged the gap between healing from physical injury, to changing a lifestyle that includes optimal personal health to live life to the fullest. Our clinic also moved to a concierge, mobile practice model providing not only physical rehabilitation through movement and nutrition, but also meeting our clients on an intellectual, mental, and spiritual level. We love the outdoors and utilize this environment as much as possible.

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