A concierge practice serving outdoor enthusiasts in the greater Black Mountain & Asheville Regions
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Bridging the gap between rehab and getting back to life

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We are experts at correcting joint dysfunction & helping you strengthen the whole body to maximize your performance whether in the gym, hiking in nature, chasing your kids, or running a marathon.


We also cover the whole person by giving a nutritional plan that will heal pain and inflammation from the inside out. Optimize your active lifestyle with nutrition.


The end result after working with us is the self confidence to push your body forward as hard as you want, in whatever activity you choose to do! Optimize your life in moving past the pain.

You're unique, you deserve a treatment plan tailored to you.

01 – PT Consult

This is an opportunity to share your goals and discuss pain or limitations to those goals. It gives us the opportunity to confirm that Mountain Wellness is right for you or to assist you in another aspect of your journey.

02 – Evaluation

We take our expert knowledge of movement and assess the areas that are hindering your performance.  Best of all, we do it at your location of choice! Whether it's on your bike, at the trail, at one of our offices, or at home, we make it simple!

03 – Game Plan

Movement without pain, strength to support those movements and a community that will keep you accountable is the journey that brings you from healing back to the active life you love.  The time & plan to get there is different for everyone and that is why we are here!

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We provide a service that not only rehabs physical injury but also changes mindsets to overcome pain. We motivate our clients past short-term goals, and towards the goal of long-term overall wellness. Mountain Wellness helps meet our customers’ needs by offering specialized services that are individualized and convenient. Our services help to increase recovery time and provide personal accountability for our clients/patients.

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Greater Black Mountain & Asheville regions

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Changing mindsets to overcome pain

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