Hiring our next physical therapist!

We are hiring! This position is a mindset shift from the typical 8-5, 13 clients a day environment.  This opportunity gives you back your creativity, your energy, your independence and your love as a physical therapist.   Is this you??   

Wellness is about the whole person, not just their physical health.  Being able to use the outdoors as the gateway to the clinic is a huge benefit of being in the mountains of NC.  Mountain Wellness’ mission has caught the attention of the local outdoor community and we are now in search of our next physical therapist as we continue to grow and expand our reach here in western North Carolina. 

Our vision for the future is twofold:  1. To be the practice of choice for physical therapists who desire a work/life balance.  This means having the creative space and time to pursue your very best clients and serve them as individuals.   We also envision the workplace to give you energy for your family, friends and your own overall personal wellness.   We do not want your role as a physical therapist to burn you out rather we want it to fill you up!

2. Be the practice of choice for those who love the outdoors and have a desire to live life to the fullest. The vision is to further our influence into east & south Asheville and Old Fort, NC by establishing relationships with outdoor communities and gyms by partnering with events, clinics and providing physical therapy services. Also, to provide specific nutrition/wellness education topics for performance, healing and recovery within the active community.   

Mountain Wellness’ 5 core beliefs are listed below and we want all our team members to be passionate and committed to the following: 

  1. Seek & act upon Truth 
  2. Freedom to create and be present
  3. Experience life as adventure 
  4. Serve the community
  5. Be known for dependability 

Growth & Benefits Opportunities

  • Be able to choose your community! We want you to work/play alongside your perfect client population and build that community within.  We are most passionate about our field when we get to work with our “favorite” patient. 
  • Mentorship:  Working in a cash-based practice requires a mindshift change when it comes to creativity and growing in your independence as a therapist.   We will mentor you within this space. 
  • Leadership role in growing practice: Mountain Wellness wants you to share your creativity, problem solving and personality to move forward our mission.  Our therapists will be leaders in this. 
  • Opportunity for certifications/education/professional development: continuing education is very important to us!  We would love for you to pursue your interest in the wellness/performance/physical therapy field and will partner with you with time and investment. 
  • Access to mastermind group specifically for clinicians.  Individual coaching to push, challenge and grow your mindset as an individual and cash based physical therapist.  
  • Opportunity to develop/create performance/PT programs with compensation accordingly.  
  • Flexible hours and work environment built around your schedule.   We mean this!  You decide how many clients you would like to see to maintain your work/life balance. 
  • Membership access for direct primary medical care practice at discounted rate in Black Mountain, NC. 
  • Overall compensation based on experience. Sign on Bonus. Hourly training compensation. Salary based on number of patients per week and/or additional programs.  More growth opportunities then your typical annual 3% raise.  More details to follow based on the individual. 

Our Model: 

We love the outdoors in western NC and aim to serve those who love it too.   Our practice currently delivers physical therapy and wellness services through a concierge mobile model.  Sites include offices, homes, area gyms and the trail.  We also provide weekly community activities such as group runs, road rides, etc.  Mountain Wellness collaborates with like minded practices/organizations for injury prevention workshops, general fitness and strengthening events, pain education workshops, etc  in order to serve the active community. 

Position Requirements:

  • Skill of identifying unseen needs or potential for the community and/or practice
  • Creative problem solving and use of innovative ideas to serve the community and to move the practice forward in its mission 
  • NC PT License
  • Ability to work independently
  • Manual therapy skills/specializations preferred
  • Familiarity with social media platforms or the ability to learn

Responsibilities & Roles

  • Start in PRN position with expectation to grow to 15-20+ clients a week 
  • Assist in workshop/programming/community events by forming relationships with others in the active outdoor community
  • Assist with follow up of leads and cultivating relationships in order to move from lead to client
  • Grow in leadership and responsibilities as Mountain Wellness & PT as we grow in our mission

If the words jumped off these two pages and ideas and a vision for the future started in your head, we would love for you to apply. Please email us at with the subject line “WNC Outdoor PT”. Include in the body 1. Why this job description caught your attention 2. What your favorite outdoor activity is and why 3. What type of communities you are currently involved 4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years 5. Your resume!

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